And I'll Whisper

Volbeat (Thomas Bredahl)

Sonic Syndicate (Richard Sjunnesson & Karin Axelsson)

Sonic Syndicate (Karin Axelsson)

Madness (Lee Thompson)

Lillasyster (Martin Westerstrand II)

Lillasyster (Daniel Cordero)


Groundation (David Diesel Chachere)

Anna Ternheim

What's Your Name?

The Loss

"Why? Why not? It's inevitable"

My Past

"As I stand before the history of our time I sigh and turn away"

Messages Not Recieved

"Even in death, certain words burn brighter than the rest!


"Let none say magic can't be in your life everyday"


I Woke In Your Bed

"But fell asleep in Wonderland"

I don't get it

Fuck You

"I can't stand the human race anymore"

The Dipp

"When worlds collide"


"Sometimes just trying to do the impossible will land you in heartache"

Sing me a tune

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