Alice in Pundarlandet

A day like any other, our Alice runs away
To find a place where she can hide, where she can always stay
It’s hour one of an epic tale
Of a young girl whose life is about to fail.

As always when she gets there, to the gate where Rabbit dwells
She starts to think of all the joy, the joy that Rabbit sells
She thinks of all the moments, where she can be herself
Alone with all her happy friends, place darkness on a shelf

And as the sun breaks out, our Alice stops to ponder
Another step and she is close, to all that lies over yonder
Should she go back to her broken home, should she just turn around
“Hell no” she says, almost startled by the sound

So here she is, just waiting for her man
Could that be him, he who over yonder ran
Well yes, I do believe its him, my man with bags of fun
If I shall join him in his lair, I think I better run

She sees her friend the Rabbit, the one who gives her trips
But something got him startled, so he gave our Alice the slip
He sheds his clothes, and bares his bones, he tries to run away
But Alice starts to follow, to a place where she will stay

As sirens whale, he runs and hides inside his lonely grave
And Alice runs to follow him, not knowing she’s his slave
But Alice isn’t listening, there’s something in her brain
That keeps her coming back to this, some say she is insane

And on the other side of hiding, our Alice soon discovered
That she who had no money, would soon become uncovered
So working for the Rabbit, seemed like a good solution
She spent her day just cleaning, to reach her just conclusion

While working hard she muttered, she thought of times gone by
Of all the awesome stories, of when she had been high
The team time, the pastries, the beautiful surrounding
Oh how she longed to get there,  the memories were hounding

So finally she got there, she worked enough to get
A zillion happy monies, The Rabbit now could let
Our Alice join the party, where kings and queens could dine
Our Alice joined the table and felt just fucking fine

She drank the tea, and joked with guests
Was quite aware of all the tests
She laughed where laugh was expected
She frown at ideas she knew were rejected

And as the night grew older, our Alice had a blast
Just talking with her buddies, from history that passed
As elegant as Alice was, no one had been before
This might just be the day that life, will open up a door

But as she starts to reach her peak, and tells a funny joke
Her blissful mind is dying, it’s decided it will croak
A hunger in her body, screams out for something more
Perhaps life changed it’s mind tonight, and locked that hopeful door

A treat was passed, this lovely night
And Alice ate without a fight
To silence the screams, the hunger, the pain
To keep on going, with nothing to gain

The night grew old, and the funny story
As the buzz dies down, so does the glory
Our Alice fails to be around
So guest depart without a sound

I’ll stay a little longer, and finish this dessert
If I refuse to eat it, the hostess might be hurt
I’ve never taste anything, so pure and full of fun
I’ll have to get the recipe, before I have to run

“Oh Well”, says Alice and tips her head
I guess she thought this was her bed
And off she goes into real life
As the treats wear off, and clear the lies

“Busted” cries the general, the kingdoms number one
“You treat like that in here, you bet you will be done”
“The Queen will not see kindly, on this gutter trash right here”
Now look at Alice apathy, won’t shed a single tear”

“Like many men before you, a cross you now shall bare”
declares the Queen of Pundarlandet, with her deadly stare
Remember this as you depart, bring with you what you must
I care not for your treating, your Rabbit or your lust"

A day like any other, our Alice walks back home
To find a place where she can hide, inside her hateful dome
It’s hour last of an epic tale
Of a young girl whose life is about to fail.

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